How to Win Big in Sports Betting

Many sports fans love to bet on the outcome of sports events. In fact, many sportsbooks offer multiple betting options for both sides of a game. These options range from Parlays, Daily doubles, Pick six, and Futures. While there is no exact formula for sports betting, you can follow some tips to maximize your profits. Listed below are some of the most popular types of bets:


There are three main types of bets in sports betting: parlays, accumulators, and combo bets. Parlays depend on all the bets placed in a particular accumulator winning together. An accumulator bet, on the other hand, depends on the individual outcome of each individual wager. A parlay combines multiple wagers into one. The odds of all the wagers winning together depend on how well each team performs.

Daily doubles

Daily doubles are a great way to make a good return on your bet. While it can be challenging to choose two horses in one race, there are many ways to increase your odds. One way to do this is to increase your wager size. You can find value by betting on two horses at short prices, like a 6/5 favorite in the first race and a longshot in the second. A Daily Double bet will help you win a nice payout on a modest investment.

Pick six

If you’ve ever placed a bet on a horse race, you might be tempted by the possibility of picking the winner in six consecutive races. While this strategy might seem appealing, there are a few pitfalls to consider before placing a bet. The first thing to remember is that if you lose your bet, it’s worthless. In other words, don’t be tempted to bet on a Pick Six race if you’re unsure about your handicapping skills.


Betting on the future is a great way to add a little suspense to your sports wagering. You may place a bet on multiple games, such as the Super Bowl winner or the winner of the NBA MVP award. The outcome of a particular game could determine the championship. Similarly, you can place a futures wager on the winner of the NBA Finals. Futures are more popular than ever, and they continue to attract bettors every year.

Moneyline bets

While many bettors focus on the potential return, there are also some important things to consider when placing a moneyline bet. Moneylines tend to move in both directions, so if you’re not familiar with the team’s history or record, it’s helpful to know what makes them tick. The best bet is one that is centered on the side that has a better chance of winning.

Graded bets

In sports betting, you can find a wide variety of bets. Some sportsbooks grade bets differently than others. You may want to stay away from “no action” bets, which are essentially bets that lose if the game is not played. Listed below are some of the most common graded bets: